• "The more I practice,
    the luckier I get"Gary Player

  • "The most important shot in golf is the next one"Ben Hogan

Welcome to Falcon golf

Falcon golf brings the latest TrackMan® technology to you.
We bring an exciting new dimension to practice sessions, club events and society days. A complete Tour Pro experience.

Our TrackMan® equipment is fully portable. We bring the most up to date equipment to golf clubs and driving ranges. We can provide individual practice sessions or whole day events. All sessions are recorded and accessible to the players.

Based in Cheshire, we cover Cheshire, Staffordshire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside. Venues further afield considered by special arrangement.

I never hit a shot on the course that I haven’t practiced. Ben Hogan

Falcon who?

Falcon Golf is run by two highly enthusiastic golfers with an entrepreneurial spirit who have seen the way in which technology can enhance a player’s game through understanding exactly how well and consistently they play their shots.

Matthew Jackson and Lee Slatford are long term friends who have worked together in a golf environment and listened carefully to what club members and golf professionals have said about improving their game.

Linking with TrackMan, they have recognised that knowing accurately what a golfer achieves with each of the clubs in his bag is a key enhancement to their game. TrackMan not only provides that information but shows on video how the shots are played and captures the data to be accessible for all time. Comparison between sessions and other players allows players to track their progress and see their personal development.

A golfer has to train his swing on the practice tee, then trust it on the course. Dr Bob Rotella

Track what?

TrackMan® Pro golf radar measures the full trajectory of any shot, ranging from short pitches to 400 yard drives; pinpointing the landing position with an accuracy of 1 foot at 100 yards. Its industry leading precision and ease of use enables us to deliver a new level of performance and service to our customers. TrackMan technology delivers state of the art data without using any modelling, displaying the shot’s actual 3D trajectory in real time with all impact and ball flight information.

  • Industry leading precision
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Multiple applications
  • Video-merge via TrackMan performance Studio
  • 23 club impact and ball flight data parameters
  • Precision swing and ball flight analysis

TrackMan Pro is the choice of the PGA Tour and the R&A for swing and ball flight analysis. A staple on professional tours, with leading club fitters, manufacturers, retailers, universities, academies, instructors, players and broadcast TV, TrackMan Pro is the industry standard for accuracy, flexibility, reliability and ease of use

Remember that someone, somewhere, is practicing,
and when you meet him he will win.
Edward Macauley

What we offer

Individual practice sessions

Advertised in advance, we will set up at a selected club or driving range and offer individual players half-hour sessions giving personal use of the TrackMan under the guidance of our trained operatives.

It gives individual choice as to whether they want to concentrate on a particular club or range of clubs from their bag. Driving, long game or short pitching can be accommodated. In addition the whole range of clubs can be tried to get an accurate assessment of a player’s club gapping.

Sessions will be available for pre-booking or booking on the day.

Club and society days

Falcon Golf will arrange for a bespoke addition to your club competition or society day.

In its simplest form we can enhance the pre-competition practice with TrackMan sessions for each player in the warm up prior to competition. Want to know just what your 7 iron or driver is giving you before you tee off? We can give you that information accurately by measuring your performance before you begin play.

Perhaps you want a longest drive challenge as part of the event. We can add this and set up on a pre-agreed hole to measure each player’s tee shot.

A bespoke solution

For the full experience and a truly innovative approach to your event we can tailor our support to meet your needs.

As a suggestion, a very comprehensive offering:

  • A short session for each player choosing a couple of clubs to get into the swing of it and get instant feedback prior to play.

  • A ‘Falcon Golf Challenge’ choosing from:
    • Longest drive
    • Straightest drive
    • Nearest the pin
    • Match the shot shape or other pre-determined parameter

  • A Falcon Golf pack comprising
    • Printed bag
    • Voucher for 5 free shots with Falcon Golf
    • Balls
    • Tees
    • Ball marker
    • Pitch mark repairer
    • Club cleaner

  • Prize presentation with:
    • Prizes
    • Trophy
    • Presentation of the players’ performance on the clubhouse TV

Corporate events and team building

Do you have a corporate event or team-building day that has an element of fun and the opportunity for participants to try out something new?

Falcon Golf will be pleased to discuss your requirements for adding that extra dimension that the golf experience can bring without the pressure of playing on a course.

For novices or experienced golfers we bring something different to add to your event.

Please call us and we’ll help to make your day a success.